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Saying farewell to my Adina Mocha Madness Baritsa Brews!

By June 25, 2012February 22nd, 2018No Comments

Today is a very sad day. I have just finished off the last of my Adina Mocha Madness coffee supply. The company no longer makes them so my daily morning (and sometimes afternoon) ritual will have to change.

You might think it would be easy to replace these delicious and semi-healthy treats but believe me, there is nothing like them. I have tried just about everything from making my own to trying to find something similar but with no success. For someone with tummy troubles (hyper-sensitivity to the acid coffee and tea) these were great. I blended them with ice (and they actually blended REALLY smoothly—no, adding xanthan gum to homemade brews doesn’t work as well) to dilute them, added cinnamon, and they worked out great. I even shipped some overseas when I knew I’d be gone for weeks at a time (my European friends thought I was a bit nutty in asking for ice cubes every single day, but it was worth it!).

I do wonder why every time I like something a company either stops making it or the company itself disappears altogether? I am not exaggerating. Ask my husband, mother, or best friend. The joke is: if Stephanie likes it, they’ll stop carrying it/manufacturing it soon. It even happened with the Strawberry Banana Smoothie flavored gum made by Extra (who wants Root Beer flavored gum or Mint Chocolate Chip flavored gum instead?!) It happened with Synergy Kombucha for months and when they finally brought it back they didn’t bring back the Strawberry flavor for even longer… but enough whining. It’s time to move on.

Adina, you were a great company and I do hope you come back. If not, I enjoyed your coffees while they lasted! 🙂

Your most devoted consumer,


Stephanie Staples

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