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Best High Chair Ever

By May 13, 2015February 22nd, 2018No Comments

Shopping for a high chair is ridiculously hard. The amazon reviews are no help, because it seems like every parent has an extremely strong opinion why the high chair someone else finds amazing is completely horrible to them. That said, I went ahead and ordered one and I can’t say enough about how awesome it is so I have to share with you mommy’s and daddy’s to be . . .

OXO Seedling High Chair

This chair is fantastic. I am so impressed. I have looked at so many high chairs and have yet to find one this quality without being extremely bulky or ugly. It’s . . .

-Sturdy without being bulky and doesn’t have that, “I have a giant, ugly high chair in my dining room/kitchen” look.
-Easy to roll around and easy to lock in place.
-Seems comfortable for wee bear.
-Adjustable seat (reclines . . . not that I use this feature).
-Adjustable tray—can be closer or further away, depending on the size of your babe.
-Tray can be removed one handed (this is muy importante!).
-The top part of the tray can be removed for easy washing.
-The cushion itself is easy to wipe down or remove for cleaning.

Love it and I haven’t tripped over it yet. So no regrets.

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