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My Favorite Baby Products Part 1

By January 7, 2015February 22nd, 2018One Comment

Scotlyn Naomi is almost 6 months old. I can hardly believe it! What they say is true: it goes by SOOO fast! Blink and you will miss it.

I wanted to take a moment to share a few more of my favorite baby products with you all… a few things that I wasn’t sure were worth the $ have turned out to be worth every penny!

Puj tub

We tried several different ways to bathe our little beauty when she was tiny. Obviously, you can’t stick a 5lb infant in a bath tub, and holding her over a sink can be both cumbersome and terrifying to a new mommy and daddy. This tub was ridiculously expensive but it is THE best. It is soft and shaped the way it should be shaped in order to support a babe. Scotlyn never wailed or even fussed when we put her into it. (She did in the hard ones…) She actually seemed to enjoy bath time so much! My suggestion is to use a 25% coupon code or find another way to get a discount so it won’t be SO expensive.

As your wee one grows, the sink bath will be a little harder because, well, your babe will be heavier. When that happens, I suggest this: The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling

I stumbled across this at Target on clearance ($8!) and I am SO glad I bought it. The sling is PERFECT for my almost 6-month-old beauty. It supports her completely and I can put warm water in the bath underneath the sling so she stays warm as I wash her. She seems to like this one, too. Not as much as the Puj sink bath… but she’s cool with it because she can lay down yet still feel secure/held.

Indestructible‘s. The books that baby cannot destroy. I recommend picking up one of these. Scotlyn loves books but she also loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth and even the hard, made-for-baby books can be a problem because, well, she’s not really supposed to put wooden books in her mouth. Who knows what kind of dye is on those things?? And they can cut her face. Anyway, my friends at New Baby Products in Atlanta, Georgia suggested one of these and even though we actually got her a lame, not-very-brightly colored one, Scotlyn loves it so much! She’s pretty much crumpled it in a ball. She goes crazy with it. (I think she must have heard us say it was indestructible and has secretly decided SHE will be the baby to destroy it…) It’s worth the $5 because it’s entertaining for momma and daddy. Movies are more expensive.

Best Chair Gliders
Ok, so I actually haven’t had a great experience with mine. The first one came with a funky base and we had to exchange it. But these things are THE MOST COMFORTABLE GLIDERS EVER. Forgo the overpriced ones at Pottery Barn Kids and refuse the cheap ones at Target. GET ONE OF THESE. Yes, they are bulky and not as cute but they are so comfy and they will last forever. You’ll love it. They are so huge there’s enough room for you, your baby, and another kid. Or cat. Or dog, if you’re one of those people. Even though I have to exchange mine again, I am recommending them because their chairs usually have no problems. If you live in Atlanta, hop on over to New Baby Products and try one. You won’t want to get up… especially if you’re pregnant and exhausted like I was when I went in and tried one.

Ninja Master Prep Professional
Um, move over Magic Bullet. These things puree carrots like nobody’s business. Great for making baby food. (And for blending your Illy Issimo latte Macchiato … whips them up to be like ice cream. But that’s for another blog post.)

Stroller fan.
If you live in the south and have an infant in the summer, get two of these. And bring lots of batteries. They are terrible in quality and won’t last long but they’ll last long enough to get your kiddo over the hot weather hump and will keep you from being confined to your home.

Moby Wrap
Ok, this did not work for me AT ALL at first. Scotlyn hated it. I hated it. But once she outgrew the newborn hug hold she and I both learned to love the other hold and now I can wear my baby! Not often… but often enough. If your babe hated this as a newborn, give it a try a few months later with a different hold. I got mine at with a coupon code.

Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack
If you are traveling internationally, this is THE MOST BRILLIANT PRODUCT EVER. Everything about it makes sense (a mom invented it, obviously! 😉 ) Just read the description of the features. It’s worth the $. Ours was a gift and we are SOOO thankful! It was the perfect bag for our trip to Scotland and England. Just be sure to bring along a smaller, foldaway bag for under the stroller when you only need a few diapers and wipes.

Robeez baby socks
These do not squeeze baby’s ankles, THEY STAY ON ALL DAY and seem comfortable. I had googled the best baby socks and these and the Trumpette’s were suggested. These are better than the Trumpette’s for staying on. They are worth the extra dinero because you won’t lose them, they stay on, and they keep baby from getting cranky. (Wouldn’t YOU be cranky if your socks were hanging off/uncomfortable with yarn stuff in the toes?! What are baby sock makers thinking?!)

I am a mom… so this is all I have time to write for now… just let me add these: Aveeno Diaper Cream, Pampers Swaddlers (they absorb and this is important—Kirkland diapers should be illegal!), Pampers sensitive wipes.

Stay tuned for more suggestions!

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