As I Anoint You

LENGTH: 3:31

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Keyboard: Tom Rogers

As I Anoint You

Luke 7:36-50

As I anoint You / With my vial of perfume / I long to savor / Every moment I’m with You / You’ve told me You’re Messiah / And I believe that it is true / So weeping, I’m anointing You / With my vial of perfume / As I anoint You / Bowing low to kiss Your feet / I realize I am nothing more / Than a beggar off the street / But You’ve told me that You love me / And You will cleanse me from my sin / So bowing, I’m anointing You / Won’t You make me whole again / We’ve heard the stories / Of the woman at the well / All her husbands / And the prostitute / The adulteress / And the twelve / Have we forgotten it was our sin / Nailing Jesus to the tree / The woman / Beggar / And the prostitute / It was me

Words and Music: Stephanie Staples
© 2004 New Day Music ASCAP