Calling Me

LENGTH: 4:29

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples and Phillip Fox
Guitars & Bass: Bill Hatcher
Keyboard: Stephanie Staples
Additional Programming/String Arrangements: Stephanie Staples

Calling Me

Jeremiah 31:3, John 11:28-29, Ephesians 4:1

// I hear You / Calling me into Your sweet presence / So what else can I do / But fall to Your hand // Everything around me is shaking / I fear my world’s about to fall / But I know Your arms are waiting / Even though this heart is aching / And even though this child is breaking // When everything around me is falling / And all I know is that I’m crawling / I can hear Your voice / It’s calling // And I need You / Bring me to my knees again / I need You / Give me just one taste again / I need You / Show me who You are / I need You // So what else can I do / What else can I do / I’m falling to Your hand

Words and Music: Stephanie Staples and Phillip Fox
© 2002 Stephanie Staples Co-write Collection ASCAP