LENGTH: 5:06

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Guitars: Tony Herring
Bass: Jeff Holm
Keyboard: Stephanie Staples
Percussion (Clave, Caxixi, Bongos, Chimes, Shaker, Tambora): Ronnie Ciago
Additional Programming: Stephanie Staples


Psalm 18:1-19, Ezekiel 37:1-14

Here I am, Lord / Asking for a touch from You / The chords of death have tried to capture me / The night has come and I have run to find a place to hide / Won’t You fix Your heaven’s gaze upon Your bride // I am learning to trust You Lord / And I am yearning to love You more // As each day passes by I find / I fail You time again / Still You manage to hold tight to me / Though I know the dawn is coming / I’m so full of fear / Won’t You set me free / So I can walk with You // Breathe on these dry bones / Bring this slain to life / Won’t You speak now for Your sweet word / Calms the storm inside my heart / Lord I’m longing for the day / When I will know Your voice / You have promised You will speak to me / Remove what’s blocking me so I can run Your course / Won’t You lay me down / And speak Your peace / I am learning

Words and Music: Stephanie Staples
© 2004 New Day Music ASCAP