LENGTH: 3:42

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Guitars & Bass: Bill Hatcher
Percussion (Drum, Bongos, Congas, Guiro, Cow Bell, Shaker, Clave): Ronnie Ciago.


Ezekiel 36:24-28, 37:21&23

Can You stop this racket in my brain / Won’t You come to me and make me sane / On the road to Egypt / I’ve backslidden again / Can’t explain this feeling / Can’t excuse my sin / I hear You calling / Drawing me back to You / Here I go running toward / All that’s displeasing to You // I know that this is wrong / Why all this pride / Do I think that I know better / Than my God // I’ve refused conviction / For what I think profits me / More than left my first love / I’ve disgraced Your word / Why must I be like the prodigal son / And squander this life You raised / I know that time is short / And I should obey // I know it’s all my choice / To live or die / But to give up what this world reveres / Will cost me my life / I hear You whisper warning / What can I do but answer / My rebellion is scaring me / Change me // I know it’s all my fault / You’re not to blame / So why do I refuse to follow / Your sweet name

Words and Music: Stephanie Staples
© 2004 New Day Music ASCAP