Shine on Me

LENGTH: 5:12

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Guitar: Mike Pachelli
Bass: Jeff Holm
Percussion (Drums, Bongos, Tamborine, Shaker): Ronnie Ciago

Shine on Me

Daniel 9:15-22, Psalm 119:130-135

Lord have I sinned / Have I wandered from Your path / Am I afraid to complete the task You’ve set before me / Lord I am still / Please put Your hand upon me now / I hear Your voice / Calling me to keep my vow / I miss You, Lord / Please make Your face shine upon me / I need Your touch / Before I fall asleep / Lord hear my cry / I need Your spirit as my guide / To feel Your presence is all I’m wanting now / I want to be / All You have made me to be / I want to see / With Your eyes / Help me believe / This desert cold / Lures my heart to stray from peace / Is this the place / You have chosen me to be / No matter what / You’ve promised You will be with me / To hear my cry / To make Your face shine upon me / Shine on me

Words and Music: Stephanie Staples
© 2004 Breath of Life ASCAP