I’ll Be Still

LENGTH: 4:08

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Keyboard: Stephanie Staples
Violin: Dr. Matthew Chetta

I’ll Be Still

Hold me now; hide me in your holy wings
Bring me close; Jesus, you’re my everything
Reveal your heart to me; I am waiting for your touch
To restore my confidence and enable me to trust

Keep me safe, Father I depend on you
To reveal yourself, to guide my life in truth
Awaken my soul to sing your praises
As I delight here in your presence, in your love

Precious friend, Jesus have your way with me
I am resting in your hand, you’ll be careful with me
I know you understand my heart’s cry
And you’ll protect me as the apple of your eye

Fill me up with your spirit; you’re my life
Heal my heart as I look into your eyes
Your holy presence brings me comfort as I wait
For you to lead me to that promised, promised place

So I will rest, as your spirit falls on me
As your life floods through my soul and you quiet me with peace
I know your righteous plans can never fail
So won’t worry, I’ll be patient, I’ll be still