Life of Love

LENGTH: 4:45

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Guitars: Bill Hatcher

Life of Love

Today begins a life of love
You always hoped for this to come
Words can’t describe
The joy inside
Knowing that Jesus heard your silent cries

For one to laugh with you
One to cry with you
One to pray with you when things get tough
One to hope with you
One to hold you as you dream
One to share with you a life of love

As you both gaze
Tears on your face
Excitement dancing in your eyes
You understand you’re in His plan
To listen as He leads and guides

He will laugh with you
He will cry with you
He will be with you when things get tough
He will hope with you
He will hold you in His dreams
He will share with you His life of love

So don’t lose heart when the tears must fall
Don’t lose sight of the One you both know
He will be all you need in your home
And he will be the life of your love

We’re all so blessed to stand with you
And witness what the Lord has done
We know your hearts are held in His
As you embrace this day, please know

We will laugh with you
We will cry with you
We will pray for you when things get tough
We will hope with you
We will love you as you dream
We will share with you
His life of love