Song in the Night

LENGTH: 3:03

Words & Music: Stephanie Staples
Guitars & Bass: Bill Hatcher
Percussion: Ronnie Ciago

Song in the Night

You have held me fast; you have kept my feet from stumbling
And you have held me close, even when my flesh was struggling

When I gave you my life I thought it might be easier
But when you sent down your light, I saw the real me

I will not hide from you; when your light comes down, your love breaks through
And permeates my soul; no longer bound, it now clings to you

So I give you my life though it may not be easier
When you send down your light I find the victory
I give you my life, though inside the war is wild and strong
I’ll not be overcome; your power lives in me

You have pulled me through, so when the battle’s strong, I’ll hide in you
My shepherd and my shield, my counselor, my hope, my truth

Oh I give you life though it may not get easier
You’re my song in the night, the rhythm of my soul