Breathe on Me


“Breathe On Me,” her first self-produced project, was a “breakthrough” album for Stephanie. After a deep, personal, struggle during her Freshmen year of high school, her mind and heart were awakened to Christ’s ability to “breathe”—to give life and to provide healing and peace to anyone who chooses to cry out to Him. Although many of the songs were composed when Stephanie was just fifteen, many listeners have said this album touched their lives like no other. “Breathe On Me” encourages the listener to seek, even in times of crisis, to know that He sees, He knows, and He feels their every pain. It’s a gentle reminder that He is strong enough to lift us out of anything—even the deepest despair.



Track List & Samples

# Title Sample
1 Breathe on Me
2 All you Want
3 Bid Me Come
4 Seeking You Weary
5 Seek Me More
6 In Your Eyes
7 Abba Lamb
8 Don’t You Know
9 If You Only Knew
10 Holy
11 I Surrender

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