Journey Home


“Journey Home” is a collection of songs written over the course of five years. These particular songs display Stephanie’s passion for keeping a vibrant, loving, trusting relationship with her Father through life’s twists and turns. Some songs were written as intimate prayers (Shine On Me, Learning), while others were written for close friends who were struggling (Journey Home, Prodigal). Breath of Life was written for a dear friend’s family who lost their brother/son when he was only twenty-one. Come Thou Fount was added as the album was in it’s final stages after Stephanie was struck by the both the lyrics and the melody. The song seemed to flow perfectly with the theme of the project: pleading for closeness during life’s journey.



Track List & Samples

# Title Sample
1 Journey Home
2 Prodigal
3 As I Anoint You
4 Shine on Me
5 Breath of Life
6 Learning
7 Calling Me
8 Come Thou Fount
9 Humble Heart
10 Respira Sobre Mi (Breathe on Me)

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