Love Broke Through CD


Love Broke Through is Stephanie’s best record to date. Soothing melodies and fantastic musicianship will make listeners to want to play these tunes over and over again.

Album Credits:

  • Words and Music: Stephanie Staples-Rostad
  • Produced by: Jeremy Casella
  • String Arrangements: Jeremy Casella
  • Engineering: Evan Redwine, Billy Whittington, Jeremy Casella and Jim Dineen
  • Recorded Spring 2022: The Attic (Franklin TN), Sound Emporium (Nashville TN) and Saint & Pilgrim (Kingston Springs TN). Phil Keaggy recorded at Kegworth Studio (Nashville, TN).
  • Strings recorded and engineered: Avery Bright at The Beach (Nolensville, TN).
  • Mixed: Evan Redwine
  • Mastered: Voyager Mastering

Musician List:

  • Guitars: Nate Dugger, Phil Keaggy, Dave Cleveland
  • Drums and Percussion: Ken Lewis, Paul Eckberg
  • Keys: Blair Masters
  • Bass: James Gregory, Matt Pierson, Byron House
  • Strings: Matt Nelson, Avery Bright
  • Octave Mandolin: Andy Leftwich
  • BGV’s: Jeremy Casella, Kati Dewhirst

1 review for Love Broke Through CD

  1. Samantha

    Inspiring music that is wonderful to listen to with the family. Every song is beautifully constructed with thoughtful lyrics matched with talented musicians.

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