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“To gather joyfully is a serious affair, for feasting and all enjoyments gratefully taken are, at their heart, acts of war. In celebrating this feast we declare that evil and death, suffering and loss, sorrow and tears, will not have the final word.”
~ This is part of a liturgy from @everymomentholy

Last night I was able to enjoy four hours of fellowship with a dear friend. There were tears and there was laughter. We waged war.

Christians are called to be prepared for what is hard but to dwell on what is beautiful. There is so much trouble and heartache in this world— but there is also beauty that stirs our hearts and reminds us that there is more to life than what may be overwhelming us today. Nature, music, art, poetry, work, sport, friendship and love . . . all of these beautiful and lovely things provide us with small glimpses of what is to come. They remind us that “the darkness is passing away and the new light is already shining.”

If your heart is heavy with grief, anxiety, fear, or disappointment, hit pause. Feast with a friend. Or light a candle, read a book, watch a film, listen to music, smell some flowers, take a walk, take some photos, call someone, write a letter, watch some funny cat videos, do something creative, send a gift, bake cookies, visit a neighbor. Whatever brings you joy (or better, whatever brings someone you love joy!) and reminds you (or someone else) of the good things that are in store for those who love Jesus, do it.

“But the joy of fellowship, and the welcome and comfort of friends new and old, and the conversations and laughter are the true evidences of things eternal, and are the first fruits of that great glad joy that is to come and that will be unending. . . .”

“All will be well! Nothing good and right and true will be lost forever. All good things will be restored. Feast and be reminded! Take joy, little flock. Take joy! Let battle be joined!”

 ~ Every Moment Holy, Feasting With Friends

Peace to you!

Stephanie Staples

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