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It’s Pentecost Sunday and I am reflecting on the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not a weird, mystical, magical entity. It is the Spirit of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is given to those who have chosen to follow Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is necessary for those of us who wish to participate in a Christian life, because it empowers us to live the way Jesus taught us to live—to become our true selves, the people God intended for us to be when he created this world.

When I pray, “Come, Holy Spirit,” I am not asking for a euphoric experience, I am seeking a transformative one. My prayer is simply an acknowledgement of my inability to be the kind of human he has called me to be without his intervention.

Some may seek for signs and wonders, for visible miracles, for visible healing. But what is a more powerful and convincing sign of God’s power, than a transformed life? This world desperately needs to see the risen Christ abiding in the hearts and the minds of those who claim to know him.

Jesus must reveal himself not only TO us but IN us for him to be able shine through us. Paul says we’re being re-created—changed daily, moment by moment, from “image to image” and “glory to glory.” Transformation is a process and it happens not by our own efforts but by our willingness to welcome and participate with the Holy Spirit.

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