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Did you know that God really doesn’t find a lot of joy in showing you how bad you are over and over again?

Did you know that the purpose of law was to wake you to your need so that you could come to him for transformation? Not for forgiveness alone. A gospel that teaches forgiveness alone is not the gospel. It’s legalism disguised as liberty.

Step into the life and light God has for you. Don’t settle for forgiveness alone, pursue the cure.

God is most glorified when we allow his new covenant promise to have its full effect in our lives: a new heart, a new spirit.

“I will cause you to walk in my ways.” Ezekiel 36:27

This is Grace.

It’s not your power, it’s his. You can’t, but don’t believe the lie that he can’t.

I think one of our problems with embracing these truths is that too often our expectation becomes that we will no longer struggle, so we get discouraged and give up the fight, or embrace the half truth that it’s just not possible on this side of eternity.

We’re still human. We’re still on earth. And we’ve been promised that in this world we will struggle and have troubles. That’s fact.

But the gospel teaches us that in the midst of our struggle Christ gives us victory as we need it, moment by moment, day by day. It may not look pretty, it may not look like victory but God sees and knows the work he’s doing. And others will begin to see the change over time.

This is gospel.

The more we live and breathe the more we recognize our need for him.

The more we seek him the more of him we’ll find.

The more we obey, the more we will understand. (“Understanding is the reward of obedience.” George MacDonald)

The more we understand, the more secure we will be in our relationship with him.

Because it’s not our own “works” done in our own strength that bring us justification. It’s his work in us that makes us “just” people, set apart, created for, and empowered to do, good works.

This is hope.

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  • Carol A Kenzy says:

    You’re doing such a wonderful job, Stephanie! Your layout, eye appeal, presentation and; most of all, heartfelt words of wisdom from the Word are so encouraging! God be with you as you honor Him with your words and actions exemplifying the heart of Jesus!!

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