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“Your love for God is very obvious in your music”

A Peaceful & Unique Singer / Songwriter

About Stephanie

Nashville-based international singer-songwriter Stephanie Staples has ministered and performed around the world for over two decades, taking her passionate and contemplative music to a variety of venues in the USA, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada, and across the United Kingdom and Europe. Her long list of credits includes festivals, retreats, universities, schools (elementary, middle, and high schools), churches, conferences, campus ministries, multiple centers for disadvantaged youth/inner city ministries, military bases, and shelters for the homeless.

Staples has written and recorded eight full albums and an EP. Her latest record, Love Broke Through was produced by Jeremy Casella and features musicians Phil Keaggy, Blair Masters, Nathan Dugger, Byron House, and many others.

Stephanie’s studio albums tell part of her story but it is in her live performances that she truly shines, captivating audiences and fostering a reflective and prayerful atmosphere as she pours the full depth of her life experiences into her music, not shying away from the reality of suffering and dark times but reflecting a light that persists through it all. Her songs are soothing, reflective, and hopeful and many have said that her humor and shared between songs have similar impact.

In January of 2023 of Stephanie began working with producer Mitch Dane on another record (her 9th), set to be released in the Fall of 2023.

Stephanie and her husband Erik live in Franklin, TN with their two young daughters.

I have been playing your CD over and over. It soothes me. It brings me to a still place and makes me feel protected & safe. I love it. Your voice is so unique. it’s angelic. It’s a beautiful channel to express what lies within/around you.

Worldwide Appearances


  • Wounded Warriors, Ft. Gordon (Augusta, GA),
  • TeenChallenge, Brooklyn: an organization founded by David Wilkerson to help the addicted,
  • WinShape Foundation College Program, founded by Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy
  • Tom Fest in Washington
  • YouthFest Bloomington, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Ashland, KY.
  • Valley Forge Christian College


  • Multiple events in Scotland, England, N. Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc. (2010-Present).
  • The Parachute Music Festival in Auckland, New Zealand.

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