Stephanie Staples Interlude

Interlude is a collection of songs that took 3 long years to complete. There is no theme to this album; each song stands alone and has its own story. I am delighted to be able to share these little pieces of my heart with you.


  • Acoustic Guitars: Scott Dente, Billy Smiley
  • Classical Guitar on “Father’s Love”: Bill Hatcher
  • Electric Guitar: Brennan Smiley
  • Bass: Matt Pierson
  • Drums/Percussion: Ken Lewis, Steve Brewster
  • Keys/Organ/Synth: Blair Masters
  • Piano on “Quietly” and “Sing Over Me Again”: Stephanie Staples-Rostad
  • Cello: John Catchings (Quietly, Scarred and Broken, Poets and Preachers), Jonathan Kampfe (Sing Over Me, Again)
  • Violin: Erik Rostad
  • Backing Vocals on “Beautiful Friend”: Bryce Merritt
  • Choir on “Father’s Love”: Daniel Cliett, Dan Upshaw, Mary Beth Cowan, Brooke and Matthew Cornwell, Ben Hughes, Lauren Love, Marianne McCabe, TJ Morris, Erik Rostad
  • Children’s Voices on “Father’s Love”: Baylee and Brayden Thien

Song List

  1. Face to Face
  2. Come
  3. Quietly
  4. Poets and Preachers
  5. Crucified
  6. Beautiful Friend
  7. Scarred and Broken
  8. Father’s Love
  9. Sing Over Me Again
  10. This Thing Called Love