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Praise for Sing Over Me

I just wanted to write and let you know i listened to your cd and it was wonderful. You ushered me into God’s living room and allowed me to simply enjoy His presence!

Dave Dravecky

Stephanie offers much more than a concert. Her raw and authentic music coupled with her transparent personality is a refreshing blend that draws you closer to the heart of God. Our church has hosted Stephanie a number of times for worship concerts, as well as to lead worship for a marriage retreat weekend. Every time, people comment about her beautiful music and inviting personality. Stephanie is the real deal. It is a true blessing to know her and have opportunities to partner together for various ministry opportunities.

John Kenny

I bought a couple of your cds, including your new one, a couple of weeks ago. I have a long commute to Atlanta and spent a large portion of my time last week listening to “Sing Over Me”. What a blessing! The lyrics are certainly God inspired and your voice is beautifully unique! I especially enjoyed “Sometimes”, “I’ll Be Still”, and “To Your Heart”. Your love for God is very obvious in your music.

Craig Poling

I just found you on and listened to your music. God has truly gifted you with a voice and words, and music. Stay true always to Christ never let the fanfare drag your heart away from him. He truly is the one and only thing that matters in this world. May the Lord continue to bless you always.


I have been playing your CD over and over. It soothes me. It brings be to a still place and makes me feel protected & safe. I love it. Your voice is so unique. it’s angelic. It’s a beautiful channel to express what lies within/around you.


You have a wonderful voice! Keep up the great work!


WOW! You go gurl! It takes a lot of good production and great vocals to keep my attention! You got it! VERY NICE CRAFTSMANSHIP HERE! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the visit!


Hi, Stephanie, it’s Don, the toll collector near Toledo who discovered your music from a CD left in a toll booth…been meaning to order the new CD…love your others! Looking forward to getting this one.

Don Alter

Congratulations on this new project and your continuing openness to share the exceptional gift God has given you of word and song. We are so very proud of you! God’s continued blessings as your travel and perform!

Sr. Mary Ann

I’ve been listening to your CD since Sunday, you and your music are such a blessing!

Kahleela Adams

Stephanie, Your vocals are angelic. Good luck on your CD. You deserve the best.

Pamela Elaine

Stephanie Staples has completed her fourth Cd “Sing Over Me” and it’s FANTASTIC. She is a wonderful singer with a soothing and passionately expressive voice. Stephanie is a singer/songwriter who’s musicality far surpasses her very young age. I was fortunate enough to have the honor of playing on “How Lovely.” My personal favorite on Stephanie’s new Cd is “I’ll Be Still.” It’s such a lovely testimony to our living God and features her husband, Erik Rostad, on violin. Together they make the most beautiful music.

Mike Pachelli

I just ordered 3 copies of your new CD. I was able to listen to cuts from the songs on line. I am at a loss to describe how wonderful I think it is. Seems to be a toss up for me as to whether the inspirational aspects of the music and lyrics or just the beauty of the music wins me over. Regardless, I can not wait to hear all the music in its entirety. God has blessed you!!! Cheers

Gene Hanratty

I got your CD in the mail the other day, and I’ve been playing it nonstop since then. Your voice and your songs just carry me to another place! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. You are a blessing.

Jessica Smith Bolyard

I am so inspired by you…through the music, and through simply knowing the person behind the song. God has truly inspired this album, and He brings peace and joy to my soul through it. Thank you SO much for your ministry! It’s AMAZING!!

Lydia An

Simple, peaceful and unique. I love the expression in Stephanie’s voice as she lifts up sincere petitions to the Lord with the aid of beautiful acoustic, piano, and string arrangements. Love it!

Danni Chung

I have just listened to your CD. It is so beautiful in every way – the music, the words, the vocals, the instrumentation (violin!!), the cover, pictures, fonts, etc. A beautiful creation! How exciting to have this CD added to your collection!

Debbie Rostad

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