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Stephanie Staples Interlude

Album Credits


  • Acoustic Guitars: Scott Dente, Billy Smiley
  • Classical Guitar on “Father’s Love”: Bill Hatcher
  • Electric Guitar: Brennan Smiley
  • Bass: Matt Pierson
  • Drums/Percussion: Ken Lewis, Steve Brewster
  • Keys/Organ/Synth: Blair Masters
  • Piano on “Quietly” and “Sing Over Me Again”: Stephanie Staples-Rostad
  • Cello: John Catchings (Quietly, Scarred and Broken, Poets and Preachers), Jonathan Kampfe (Sing Over Me, Again)
  • Violin: Erik Rostad
  • Backing Vocals on “Beautiful Friend”: Bryce Merritt
  • Choir on “Father’s Love”: Daniel Cliett, Dan Upshaw, Mary Beth Cowan, Brooke and Matthew Cornwell, Ben Hughes, Lauren Love, Marianne McCabe, TJ Morris, Erik Rostad
  • Children’s Voices on “Father’s Love”: Baylee and Brayden Thien

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Interlude is a collection of songs that took 3 long years to complete. There is no theme to this album; each song stands alone and has its own story. I am delighted to be able to share these little pieces of my heart with you.


1. an intervening period of time.
2. something performed during a theater intermission.
-a piece of music played between other pieces or between the verses of a hymn.
-a temporary amusement or source of entertainment that contrasts with what goes before or after.
Synonyms: interval, intermission, break, recess, pause, respite, rest, breathing space, halt, gap, stop, stoppage, hiatus, lull, breather, time out.

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