Streams Review

Put a little bit of Annie Herring (Second Chapter Of Acts), Francesca Battistelli, Tasha Layton, Riley Clemmons, Katy Nichole, Charity Gayle and Natalie Grant in a music mixing bowl (is there such a thing 😀), stir up these ingredients and this music reviewer thinks that you will hear the brilliance of the brand new project from Stephanie Staples entitled Streams. Stephanie Staples (pictured below from left to right: front row, me, Stephanie Staples Rostad: back row from left to right: Dallas Holm, Tim Archer (The Archers), Steve Archer (The Archers), Stephanie’s Dad, Mark Staples, David Meece, Don Francisco) chose Grammy Award winner Mitch Dane (Brandon Heath, The Blind Boys Of Alabama) as her producer on Streams. He also plays miscellaneous keys & omnichord on the project joining very talented musicians  including Grammy Award winner Charlie Lowell (Jars Of Clay) on piano & organ, Nate Dugger (electric & acoustic guitar), Paul Eckberg (drums-which he also played with the band Eager), Byron House (bass), Caitlin Anselmo (string arrangements), David Davidson (violin 1), David Angel (violin 2), Betsy Lamb (viola) and Carole Rabinowitz on the cello. Background vocals on Streams are from the singing expertise of Stephanie Staples-Rostad, Caitlin Anselmo, Jason Eskridge, Nickie Conley, Kiley Phillips & Wil Morrell. Tracks include: “A Lament,” “Sing Praise,” “Jesus Is,” “Streams,” “Anyway,” “Letter To A Friend,” “Angels,” “Beautiful & Kind,” “As I Anoint You” and “All I’ll Ever Need.” Streams by Stephanie Staples belongs in your music collection today! Please go to to purchase one of your very own!

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