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Truths for Littles, Day 2

By February 22, 2018February 27th, 2018No Comments

“I cry out to God most high, who fulfills his purpose for me.” Psalm 57:2

God created you for a special purpose. Do you know what that purpose is? To know him and to make him known to others.

Someday you may decide to become a doctor, a dancer, a minister, a singer, a scientist or even a politician. God might lead you to do one of these things or he might give you the choice. What you do for a living when you are grown doesn’t matter much… what matters is that you live out God’s true purpose for your life.

Jesus, please help us learn to love and obey you. Help us to grow in our faith, understanding, and love for you more and more every day, so that we can show your love and kindness to others.

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