Silent Saturday

And then there was the silence of Saturday when those who loved their Lord faced a brutal new reality: Jesus was dead, and buried with him was their hope for deliverance.

Saturday moments come to us all. Moments when what we thought God could and would do for us dies and we are forced to experience a completely different reality. Disillusionment, disappointment, embarrassment, shame, confusion, grief, all of these things are normal human responses.

But as there were then, there are still now, faithful ones. Those who refuse to lose connection. Those who choose to walk toward the tomb, boldly facing the evidence of suffering, not hoping for a miracle, just compelled to serve their beloved even when he could no longer serve them.

May we be faithful ones in Saturday moments. May we still show up to serve our Lord, even when our expectations haven’t been met and our hearts are filled with grief. May we continue to hope in our God, even when all hope seems lost.

Sunday is coming.

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