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There are few Christians in the Nashville area who didn’t know at least one adult or child who was in the building one year ago when Covenant School and Church experienced their nightmare.

The memory of that day still takes my breath away. I could write an essay about how the ache of that day has not and will never leave any of our hearts and how tears still flow as we remember and offer up our prayers for all who will carry such irreconcilable grief for the rest of their lives. But I won’t.

I could go on a tangent about how horrible it is that children have to endure lock down and lock in drills, worrying about possibly being slaughtered in their own school, and how we’re the only western nation that seems to have a problem with this. But I won’t.

For reasons I may never understand, my children and every child impacted by this has had to observe and even experience what true faith/faithfulness looks like: clinging to the goodness of God, holding on to hope, even if / even when horrible things happen. It’s something the body of Christ around the world understands, something the saints of old knew, but something difficult for many in the west to grasp. I hate it because I had hoped my kids could have a carefree childhood. But someone once reminded me that I’m not the author of my child’s story. I can only pray that each situation will build a strong, resilient faith, and do my best to model that faith myself. Perhaps learning what true faith is now will keep them in it later.

As Corrie tenBoom said, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.”

Hold to that, friends! HE is our hope. His presence, in every circumstance, is our peace.

Hebrews 11

@covenantknights we love you.

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