The Narrow Gate

“It feels like there’s room at the table for everyone except me.”

Words shared in conversation with a kindred soul.

How fitting that Jesus’ parable of the wide vs narrow gate was the subject of a message from Shaun Groves the very day of that conversation. He said,

“If we choose the narrow path, we will travel with few, not many.”

There are so many “tables” within church communities and ministries. Seated at some of those tables are people who were never introduced to the narrow gate. They’ve never been told that it is only by laying aside the “old self” and putting on the new that one can enter the kingdom of heaven. They haven’t yet realized that becoming a disciple of Jesus requires a change of mindset and direction.  These folks walk through life with other folks on the same path and feast on what they perceive to be God’s blessing—success, prosperity, notoriety—unaware that they’re “poor, blind, and naked” and in danger of missing out on fullness of life in Christ.

It reminds me of Exodus 24:9-12 when 70 elders of Israel “ate and drank” in the presence of God. They even saw him! But in spite of this incredible encounter, idolatry still gripped their heart. Moses was the only one who made the effort to climb the rest of the way up the mountain to meet with God in order to learn from him (and receive his law).

If we can’t find a seat at one of those large tables, let’s take heart. Perhaps there’s no room for us because we’re not meant to sit there. We’re on a different path, going a completely different direction. Let’s be satisfied with the place the Lord has chosen for us.

Friends, if this resonates, let’s shake off the “dusty” feelings of rejection and loneliness and continue to “seek first the kingdom of God.” A kingdom that welcomes the weary and worn and those who know their need.

Instead of being envious or living in FOMO, let’s pray for those at those large, loud, flashy tables. If they’re seeking to find substance through the wide gate, be assured, they’re the ones missing out, not you.

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